To begin to understand the effects of Molecular Hydrogen, human studies are a great place to start. These show what can be. This article reviews Molecular Hydrogen and Sports Performance looking at some of the published studies.

There are 4 studies I would like to look at. 1 refers to middle age women, the other 3 refer to younger athletes.

Firstly we begin with the study titled 28-Days Hydrogen-Rich Water Supplementation Affects Exercise Capacity in Mid-Age Overweight Women.1

Twelve women, from 40 to 66 years of age participated in the study. Their BMI’s were between 25.5 and 32.2. They were split into two groups of 6 and one group was given 1 litre Hydrogen Rich Water, the other group was given tap water.

We must note here that the concentration of the Hydrogen Rich Water was approx. 9 parts per million.

The conclusions from the study are “Results indicate that HRW can be used as an alternative hydration formulation to positively affect exercise performance in mid-age overweight women.”

Secondly, the title of the next study is Selective protective effect of hydrogen water on free radical injury of athletes after high-intensity exercise.2 The study group involved 60 athletes and the sport we are talking about here is swimming. Note that each person had made the swim team in a University town in China. Each participant was male, between 14 and 22 and in good health during the study.

The group was split 30/30 into a control group (who were given mineral water) and a hydrogen water group.

The hydrogen water was sourced from Japan and the concentration of hydrogen is not disclosed.

The athletes were instructed to be mindful of their diet. Also taking any form of antioxidants was prohibited during this period.

The study lasted 8 days. Each day the athletes consumed either mineral or hydrogen water before, during and after exercise.

The conclusions from the study were “Hydrogen water supplement can effectively reduce the oxidizing substance before, during, and after exercise, preventing free radical damage caused by high-intensity exercise.”

Thirdly, the study is titled Effects of hydrogen rich water on prolonged intermittent exercise.3 The study group was very small and only involved 8 experienced male cyclists from 34-48 years old.

The participants reported doing approximately 9 hours of exercise per week over 5 sessions.

The group was split into 4 and 4. For the first 2 weeks each participant was given either 2 litres of Hydrogen Rich Water(HRW) or 2 litres of ordinary water(PLA) per day and then the groups switched for another 2 weeks (ie the group of 4 men who first had HRW was then given PLA for 2 weeks and vice versa). Athletes were also instructed to minimise drinking of other beverages at this time.

Please note that the concentration of the HRW given was very low at 450 parts per billion.

The conclusions from the study was “TWO weeks HRW intake may help to maintain peak performance output (PPO) in repetitive sprints to exhaustion over 30 minutes.”

And the final study was titled Pilot study: Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on muscle fatigue caused by acute exercise in elite athletes.4

Ten male soccer players were the participants in this study. All between the ages of 18 and 22. All were involved in daily training. None were smokers or taking medication or supplements.

The Hydrogen Water used was generated from magnesium sticks in water and the concentration reported was 1.02mM.

The group was halved in 2 groups of 5 and 5. For the first exercise experiments one group consumed 1.5 litres Hydrogen Water, the other ordinary water. A week was allowed to pass and the groups were switched ie the group of 5 that had hydrogen water previously now consumed ordinary water.

The conclusion from the study was that “data demonstrated that consumption of HW reduced blood lactate levels and improved muscle fatigue after acute exercise.”

In conclusion, after reviewing the studies regarding Molecular Hydrogen and sports performance there seems to be a high possibility that hydrogen water can help you in the realm of sports performance. Why not give it a try?

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