Mid afternoon slump?  Need caffeine to get you going in the morning?  Maybe a Molecular Hydrogen tablet is worthwhile considering instead….

In the recent study, published in June 2020, Hydrogen vs. Caffeine for Improved Alertness in Sleep-Deprived Humans1, it was found the effects of a Hydrogen Rich Water (HRW) and caffeine had similar effects.

The study involved 23 participants, 18 men and 5 women, all apparently healthy.  The inclusion criteria were that they had to be a) between 18 and 30, b) to have a body mass index between 18.5 and 25.0 kg/m2 and c) no major chronic diseases or acute disorders.  And finally participants were sleep deprived in a lab for 24 hours.

Participants were assessed on two different scales, the Visual Analog Scale for alertness (for more detail on this test see 2) and Attention Network Test with subscales for alerting, orienting, and executive control (for more detail on this test see 3) before and after taking taking HRW or caffeine.

Findings of this study were “that both caffeine and hydrogen-rich water acutely affected markers of alertness in young sleep deprived men and women, with the effects being nearly similar between interventions.”

So if you need to or want to ease off the caffeine a little?  Or if you just want to see if something helps get you going?  Isn’t Molecular Hydrogen worth a try?

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