Hydrogen Products

Hydrogen Water Generator

$325.00 incl GST

One of the best value for money Hydrogen Rich Water  (HRW) generators on the market.  It contains industry leading Korean made platinum coated titanium Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) plates and a USA made DuPont PEM Membrane.  The plates and membrane work to filter out toxins and produce high quality Hydrogen Rich Water ( 1.5ppm - when you double the cycle) at an affordable price.

Complementary Products

Sweetleaf Stevia


SweetLeaf Stevia is a zero-calorie, zero-carb, zero-glycemic index, natural sweetener. With 288 servings per bottle you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Just a few drops of Stevia are as sweet as 1 teaspoon of sugar. Great tasting and all natural, its uses are endless – add a delicious sweetness to all your favorite foods and beverages! It’s made by taking the highest quality leaves of the stevia plant and extracting their naturally sweet taste with only cool, purified water. No alcohols. No additives that cover up the great taste nature created. You’ll love getting sweet without paying for it in calories.